Maternity “blues”: prevalence and risk factors

  • Alexandre Faisal-cury
  • Paulo Rossi Menezes
  • Jose Júlio A Tedesco
  • Soubhi Kahalle
  • Marcelo Zugaib
Keywords: Postpartum sadness syndrome, Postpartum depression


Objectives: estimate the prevalence and track the risk factors associated with, Maternity blues (MB). Methods: a transversal study was performed with 113 women, on the tenth day of puerperium. The following instruments were used: Pitt Scale (1968), Stein (1980), Inventory for stressful life events by Holmes & Rahe (1967), and a questionnaire with sociodemographic and obstetric data. Results: the prevalence of MB was 32.7% according to the Stein scale. In the univariated analysis, civil status and tobacco use were associated with MB. Legally married women and nonsmokers showed a risk approximately 4 times lower of experiencing the problem. Conclusions: MB was very prevalent in this sample. Obstetricians must be aware of this condition which may be associated with postpartum depression.


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Faisal-cury, A., Rossi Menezes, P., A Tedesco, J. J., Kahalle, S., & Zugaib, M. (2008). Maternity “blues”: prevalence and risk factors. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 11(2), 593 - 599.