Exotic naturalized flora of continental Portugal – A reassessment

  • Helena Freitas
  • João Domingues de Almeida
Palabras clave: Exotic species, Flora, Continental Portugal,


Six years after our last study on the exotic naturalized flora of continental Portugal, we present a reassessment. In 1999, we have considered the existence of 500 exotic species of vascular plants (invasive or more or less naturalized). From 1999 until now 64 new plant species records were added (12.8 % more), attaining now a total number of 564 taxa (including, as in precedent works, species, subspecies and some hybrids), belonging to 113 families.


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Freitas, H., & Domingues de Almeida, J. (2006). Exotic naturalized flora of continental Portugal – A reassessment. Botanica Complutensis, 30, 117. https://doi.org/-