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Mediterranean Botany (ISSNe 2603-9109), formerly Lazaroa, is a biannual journal that publishes original research studies in the field of Botany including plant systematics, vegetation ecology, biogeography, evolutionary biology, ecophysiology, community ecology, ethnobotany and conservation biology on Mediterranean biomes but also in interacting areas.

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Vol 39, No 2 (2018)

(Published online: 29 June 2018)

Table of Contents


Plant Conservation in Spain: strategies to halt the loss of plant diversity PDF
Juan Carlos Moreno Saiz, Felipe Martínez García, Rosario G. Gavilán 65-66


Identification and assessment of the crop wild relatives of Spain that require most urgent conservation actions PDF
María Luisa Rubio Teso, Mauricio Parra-Quijano, Elena Torres, José M. Iriondo 67-75
Genetics and conservation of rare and endemic plants: the case of "Genista sanabrensis" (Fabaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula PDF
Eduardo Cires, Mauro Sanna, Víctor M. Vázquez, José Antonio Fernández Prieto 77-87
Inter-population variation in germination characteristics of "Plantago lanceolata" seeds: effects of temperature, osmotic stress and salinity PDF
Sara Mira, Luciana Veiga-Barbosa, M. Elena González-Benito, Félix Pérez-García 89-96
Conservation of holm oak (Quercus ilex) by in vitro culture PDF
María José Cernadas, María Teresa Martínez, Elena Corredoira, María del Carmen San José 97-104
Are long-distance dispersal syndromes associated with the conservation status of plant species? The Canary Islands as a case study PDF
Alberto J. Coello, María Leo, Yurena Arjona, Pablo Vargas 105-110
Expansion of "Himantoglossum robertianum" (Orchidaceae) in Madrid: a case study on environmental variables and geographical distribution PDF
Ignacio Ramos Gutiérrez, Juan Manuel Martínez Labarga, José Araújo Díaz, Alejandro G. Fernández de Castro, Juan Carlos Moreno Saiz 111-117
On the mend of bryophyte conservation in Spain: preparing a proposal for the inclusion of bryophytes in national species protection catalogues PDF
Belén Albertos, Ricardo Garilleti, Patxi Heras, Marta Infante 119-128
Threat and protection status analysis of the alpine flora of the Pyrenees PDF
Isabel García Girón, Felipe Martínez García 129-150
New data on the southern Iberian serpentinophyte flora (Andalusia, Spain) PDF
Andrés Vicente Pérez-Latorre, Noelia Hidalgo-Triana, Baltasar Cabezudo 151-155
Experiences of historical introductions in Majorca: the case of "Ranunculus weyleri" (Ranunculaceae) PDF
Joana Cursach, Jeroni J. Orell, Juan Rita 157-165
Reinforcement of the "Rhynchospora fusca" population in the Galbaniturri mire (Izki Natural Park, Álava, Spain): first results PDF
Marta Infante, Patxi Heras, Leire Oreja, Maialen Arrieta Aseginolaza, Joseba Garmendia Altuna, Jonathan Rubines García 167-176
Towards an atlas of rare and threatened flora in the province of Cuenca (Spain): the case of "Erodium macrocalyx" (Geraniaceae) as a model species PDF
Oscar García Cardo, Juan Manuel Martínez Labarga, Carmen Bartolomé Esteban 177-182
Scientific validation of the traditional knowledge of Sikta ("Tabernaemontana sananho", Apocynaceae) in the Canelo-Kichwa Amazonian community PDF
Carmen X. Luzuriaga-Quichimbo, Trinidad Ruiz-Téllez, José Blanco-Salas, Carlos E. Cerón Martínez 183-191

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