Robust estimation in geodetic networks

  • José Luis Berné Valero
  • Sergio Baselga Moreno
Palabras clave: Geodetic networks, robust estimation, global optimization, least-squares


The application of robust estimation to geodetic networks is analysed versus the classical least-squares approach. In case of gross or systematic errors appearance either in the mathematical model or in the observations to be adjusted, least-squares estimation along with detection statistical tests over the results present considerable problems for isolating them and avoiding their influence. Conversely, robust estimation provides a maximum-resistance solution and therefore the capability of identifying and quantifying them. Finally, we show the advantages of dealing with robust estimation as a global optimization problem rather than as an iteratively reweighted least squares scheme.


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Berné Valero, J. L., & Baselga Moreno, S. (2005). Robust estimation in geodetic networks. Física De La Tierra, 17, 7 - 22.