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Journal of Iberian Geology will acknowledge for publication of original papers dealing with different aspects of Earth Sciences, mainly concerned with Geology of the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding areas. The Journal also accepts collections of selected original papers that will be published as edited monographic volumes. Potential editors of monographic volumes should contact the editors-in-chief for further information before preparing any documentation.

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Vol 41, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Dinosaur Palaeontology and their Environment PDF
F. Torcida Fernández-Baldor, X. Pereda-Suberbiola, D.B. Weishampel 7-10
Revision of the British record of Tropidemys (Testudines,Plesiochelyidae) and recognition of its presence in the Late Jurassic of Portugal PDF
A. Pérez-García 11-20
New data on the poorly-known European Late Jurassic turtles "Thalassemys" and "Enaliochelys" and description of a new basal eucryptodiran taxon PDF
A. Pérez-García 21-30
Postcranial elements of "Maledictosuchus riclaensis" (Thalattosuchia) from the Middle Jurassic of Spain PDF
J. Parrilla-Bel, J.I. Canudo 31-40
New material from a huge specimen of "Anteophthalmosuchus" cf. "escuchae" (Goniopholididae) from the Albian of Andorra (Teruel, Spain): Phylogenetic implications PDF
E. Puértolas-Pascual, J.I. Canudo, L.M. Sender 41-56
New material and phylogenetic position of the basal iguanodont dinosaur Delapparentia turolensis from the Barremian (Early Cretaceous) of Spain PDF
J.M. Gasca, M. Moreno-Azanza, J.I. Ruiz-Omeñaca, J.I. Canudo 57-70
Presence of diminutive hadrosaurids (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Maastrichtian of the south-central Pyrenees (Spain) PDF
J. Company, P. Cruzado-Caballero, J.I. Canudo 71-81
The biota of the Upper Cretaceous site of “Lo Hueco” (Cuenca, Spain) PDF
F. Ortega, N. Bardet, F. Barroso-Barcenilla, P.M. Callapez, O. Cambra-Moo, V. Daviero- Gómez, V. Díez Díaz, L. Domingo, A. Elvira, F. Escaso, M. García-Oliva, B. Gómez, A. Houssaye, F. Knoll, F. Marcos-Fernández, M. Martín, P. Mocho, I. Narváez, A. Pérez- García, D. Peyrot, M. Segura, H. Serrano, A. Torices, D. Vidal, J.L. Sanz 83-99
Late cretaceous continental and marine vertebrate assemblages from the Laño quarry (Basque-Cantabrian Region, Iberian Peninsula): an update PDF
X. Pereda-Suberbiol, J.C. Corral, H. Astibia, A. Badiola, N. Bardet, A. Berreteaga, E. Buffetaut, A.D. Buscalioni, H. Cappetta, L. Cavin, V. Díez Díaz, E. Gheerbrant, X. Murelaga, F. Ortega, A. Pérez-García, F. Poyato-Ariza, J.-C. Rage, J.L. Sanz, A. Torices 101-124
Re-evaluation of the age of some dinosaur localities from the southern Pyrenees by means of megaloolithid oospecies PDF
B. Vila, A.G. Sellés 125-139
Unusual sauropod tracks in the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition. Cameros Basin (Burgos, Spain) PDF
F. Torcida Fernández-Baldor, I. Díaz-Martínez, R. Contreras, P. Huerta, D. Montero, V. Urién 141-154
Dinosaur tracks from the Early Cretaceous of Parede tracksite (Cascais, Portugal): New implications on the sauropod palaeobiology of the Iberian Peninsula PDF
V.F. Santos, P.M. Callapez, D. Castanera, F. Barroso-Barcenilla, N.P.C. Rodrigues, C.A. Cupeto 155-166
A new dinosaur tracksite with small footprints in the Urbión Group (Cameros Basin, Lower Cretaceous, La Rioja, Spain) PDF
I. Díaz-Martínez, E. García-Ortiz, F. Pérez-Lorente 167-175

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