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Journal of Iberian Geology will acknowledge for publication of original papers dealing with different aspects of Earth Sciences, mainly concerned with Geology of the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding areas. The Journal also accepts collections of selected original papers that will be published as edited monographic volumes. Potential editors of monographic volumes should contact the editors-in-chief for further information before preparing any documentation.

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Vol 40, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Preface. Palaeodiversity and Palaeoecology of Iberian Ecosystems. New insights into the Phanaerozoic biotas from Spain and Portugal PDF
M. Furió, C. Martínez-Pérez, A. Santos-Cubedo 7-9
Paleodiversity of the Superfamily Ursoidea (Carnivora, Mammalia) in the Spanish Neogene, related to environmental changes PDF
J. Abella, P. Montoya, J. Morales 11-18
The end of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Iberian Peninsula characterized by the small-mammal assemblages PDF
S. Bañuls-Cardona, J.M. López-García, H.-A. Blain, I. Lozano-Fernández, G. Cuenca-Bescós 19-27
The range and extent of the Vallesian Crisis (Late Miocene): new prospects based on the micromammal record from the Vallès-Penedès basin (Catalonia, Spain) PDF
I. Casanovas-Vilar, L.W. van den Hoek Ostende, M. Furió, P. A. Madern 29-48
Sauropod trackways of the Iberian Peninsula: palaeoetological and palaeoenvironmental implications PDF
D. Castanera, B. Vila, N.L. Razzolini, V.F Santos, C. Pascual, J.I. Canudo 49-59
Carboniferous auloporids from the Iberian Peninsula: palaeocology, diversity, and spatio-temporal distribution PDF
I. Coronado, S. Rodríguez 61-85
Morphometric Discriminant Analysis of isolated chondrichthyan scales for palaeoecological inferences: the Middle Triassic of the Iberian Chain (Spain) as a case of study PDF
H. Ferrón, C. Pla, C. Martínez-Pérez, M.J. Escudero-Mozo, H. Botella 87-97
Lower Cretaceous (Hauterivian-Albian) ammonite biostratigraphy in the Maestrat Basin (E Spain) PDF
R. Garcia, J.A. Moreno-Bedmar, T. Bover-Arnal, M. Company, R. Salas, J-L. Latil, J.D. Martín-Martín, E. Gomez-Rivas, L.G. Bulot, G. Delanoy, R. Martínez, A. Grauges 99-112
Palaeoecological inferences about dinosaur gregarious behaviour based on the study of tracksites from La Rioja area in the Cameros Basin (Lower Cretaceous, Spain) PDF
E. García-Ortiz, F. Pérez-Lorente 113-127
Palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Aragonian (middle Miocene) mammalian faunas from the Madrid Basin based on body-size structure PDF
B.A. García Yelo, A.R. Gómez Cano, J.L. Cantalapiedra, G.M. Alcalde, O. Sanisidro, A. Oliver, V. Hernández-Ballarín, P. López-Guerrero, S. Fraile, M. Hernández Fernández 129-140
New Lower Devonian Polygnathids (Conodonta) from the Spanish Central Pyrenees, with comments on the early radiation of the group PDF
C. Martínez-Pérez, J. I. Valenzuela-Ríos 167-178
Dental microwear analysis in Gliridae (Rodentia): methodological issues and paleodiet inferences based on "Armantomys" from the Madrid Basin (Spain) PDF
A. Oliver, V. Hernández-Ballarín, P. López-Guerrero, I. García-Paredes, M.A. Álvarez-Sierra, A.R. Gómez Cano, B.A. García Yelo, G.M. Alcalde, P. Peláez-Campomanes 179-211
Villafranchian large mammals from the Iberian Peninsula: paleobiogeography, paleoecology and dispersal events PDF
J. Madurell-Malapeira, S. Ros-Montoya, M.P. Espigares, D.M. Alba, J.A. Aurell-Garrido 141-155
The primate fossil record in the Iberian Peninsula PDF
J. Marigó, I. Susanna, R. Minwer-Barakat, J. Madurell-Malapeira, S. Moyà-Solà, I. Casanovas-Vilar, J.M. Robles, D.M. Alba 157-166

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