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Journal of Iberian Geology will acknowledge for publication of original papers dealing with different aspects of Earth Sciences, mainly concerned with Geology of the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding areas. The Journal also accepts collections of selected original papers that will be published as edited monographic volumes. Potential editors of monographic volumes should contact the editors-in-chief for further information before preparing any documentation.

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Vol 41, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Phreatomagmatic activity and associated hydrothermal processes in the lamproitic Volcano of Cancarix (Southeast Spain) PDF
Matias Reolid, Isabel Abad, Mario Sanchez-Gomez 183-204
Composition of clastic sediments in the Somosaguas area (middle Miocene, Madrid Basin): insights into provenance and palaeoclimate PDF
Omid Fesharaki, José Arribas, N. López Martínez 205-222
Primary Au prospecting results in the Logrosán area (Central Iberian Zone, Spain). PDF
Ekaterina Cheremazova, Sergey Skublov, Konstantin Novoselov, Alex Mikhailov, Olga Galankina, Viktor Alexeev 223-232
Gravity modeling of the lithosphere in the Calatrava Volcanic Province (Spain): geodynamic implications. PDF
José Luis Granja Bruña, R. Vargas, M.A. Sentre Domingo, A. Muñoz-Martín, S. Sainz-Maza Aparicio 233-252
Mineral chemistry of late Variscan gabbros from central Spain: constraints on crystallisation processes and nature of the parental magmas PDF
David Orejana, Emma Losantos, Carlos Villaseca, Teresa E Jeffries 253-272
First Early Pliocene micromammal faunas from Venta del Moro (Cabriel Basin, Spain): new data on the Messinian dispersal of Debruijnimys PDF
Samuel Mansino, Francisco Javier Ruiz-Sánchez, Luis de Luque, Plinio Montoya, Luis Gibert, Jorge Morales, Juan Abellá, Gary R. Scott, V.D. Crespo 273-293

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