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Vol 40, No 2 (2014): Palaeozoic geodynamics of the southwestern margin of Gondwana

Guest Editors: F. Colombo, J. García-Sansegundo, N. Heredia

Table of Contents


Preface: Palaeozoic geodynamics of the southwestern margin of Gondwana: controls on the present architecture of the Argentine-Chilean Andes PDF
F. Colombo, J. García-Sansegundo, N. Heredia 221-223
The Sierra de Cachi (Salta, NW Argentina): geological evidence about a Famatinian retro-arc at mid crustal levels PDF
F.D. Hongn, J.M. Tubía, J.J. Esteban, A. Aranguren, N. Vegas, S. Sergeev, A. Larionov, M. Basei 225-240
Late Palaeozoic lithostratigraphy of the Andean Precordillera revisited (San Juan Province, Argentina) PDF
F. Colombo, C.O. Limarino, L.A. Spalletti, P. Busquets, R. Cardó, I. Méndez-Bedia, N. Heredia 241-259
Origin and provenance of igneous clasts from late Palaeozoic conglomerate formations (Del Ratón and El Planchón) in the Andean Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina PDF
G. Gallastegui, L. González-Menéndez, A. Rubio-Ordóñez, A. Cuesta, A. Gerdes 261-282
Stratigraphy and structure of the Punta Negra Anticline. Implications on the structural evolution of the Argentine Precordillera PDF
J. L. Alonso, J. Gallastegui, L. R. Rodríguez Fernández, J. García-Sansegundo 283-292
Structure of the Andean Palaeozoic basement in the Chilean coast at 31º 30’ S: Geodynamic evolution of a subduction margin PDF
J. García-Sansegundo, P. Farias, N. Heredia, G. Gallastegui, R. Charrier, A. Rubio-Ordóñez, A. Cuesta 293-308
Reactivation of Paleozoic structures during Cenozoic deformation in the Cordón del Plata and Southern Precordillera ranges (Mendoza, Argentina) PDF
L. Giambiagi, J. Mescua, N. Heredia, P. Farías, J. García-Sansegundo, C. Fernández, S. Stier, D. Pérez, F. Bechis, S.M. Moreiras, A. Lossada 309-320
The Palaeozoic basement of the Andean Frontal Cordillera at 34º S (Cordón del Carrizalito, Mendoza Province, Argentina): Geotectonic implications PDF
J. García-Sansegundo, P. Farias, A. Rubio-Ordóñez, N. Heredia 321-330
Stratigraphy, structure and geodynamic evolution of the Paleozoic rocks in the Cordillera del Viento (37º S latitude, Andes of Neuquén, Argentina) PDF
R. Giacosa, J. Allard, N. Foix, N. Heredia 331-348
Geometry of Middle to Late Triassic extensional deformation pattern in the Cordillera del Viento (Southern Central Andes): A combined field and geophysical study PDF
L. Sagripanti, A. Folguera, M. Giménez, E. A. Rojas Vera, J. J. Fabiano, N. Molnar, L. Fennell, Víctor A. Ramos 349-366
Patagonia: where does it come from? PDF
Víctor A. Ramos, Maximiliano Naipauer 367-379

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