Sistema de creencias sobre las matemáticas en alumnos de secundaria

  • Inés Mª Gómez-chacón
Palabras clave: Comparative study, Mathematics-related belief systems, Mathematics learning, Models of students’ beliefs, Conceptualisation and measurement of beliefs, Change of beliefs, Junior high students,


This article describes the nature and structure of systems of beliefs of a group of secondary level students in Spain and Belgium (Flanders), which were elicited by means of a questionnaire designed for this purpose with a distinct organising focus. The Mathematics-Related Beliefs Questionnaire (MRBQ) measures four major components of students' mathematics-related belief systems: beliefs about the role and the functioning of their own teacher, beliefs about the significance of and competence in mathematics, beliefs about the Mathematics as a social activity, and beliefs about Mathematics as a domain of excellence. The internal structure of these belief systems as well as the relationship between students’ belief and gender, achievement level and track level were studied.