Vol 8, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


Is the DeVries-Rose to Weber Transition Empirically Possible with Sine-Wave Gratings? PDF (Español)
Miguel A. García-pérez 113 - 118
Multidimensional Scaling of Schematically Represented Faces Based on Dissimilarity Estimates and Evoked Potentials of Differences Amplitudes PDF (Español)
Chingiz A. Izmailov, Svetlana G. Korshunova, Evgeni N. Sokolov 119 - 133
A New Mathematical Model For Assessment of Memorization Dynamics PDF (Español)
Igor I. Stepanov, Charles I. Abramson 142 - 156
Lexical processing of ambiguous words: dominance or associative strength? PDF (Español)
Francisco Nievas, Fernando Justicia, José J. Cañas, M. Teresa Bajo 157 - 179
Constructivism, the So-Called Semantic Learning Theories, and Situated Cognition versus the Psychological Learning Theories PDF (Español)
Juan José Aparicio, María Rodríguez Moneo 180 - 198
How Impulsivity is Related to Intelligence and Academic Achievement PDF (Español)
Andreu Vigil-colet, Fabia Morales-vives 199 - 204
The Mothering of Conduct Problem and Normal Children in Spain and the USA: Authoritarian and Permissive Asynchrony PDF (Español)
Robert G. Wahler, M. Angeles Cerezo 205 - 214
Does Quantity Generate Quality? Testing the Fundamental Principle of Brainstorming PDF (Español)
Alfredo Muñoz Adánez 215 - 220
Some Variables Associated with Psychologists’ Appraisal of Psychotherapy in Argentina PDF (Español)
Horacio Daniel García 221 - 228
Evaluation of a Group Cue-Exposure Treatment for Opiate Addicts PDF (Español)
Francisco J. Labrador, Mónica Bernaldo de Quirós Aragón, Fernando De Arce 229 - 237
Structure and Stimulus Familiarity: A Study of Memory in Chess-Players with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging PDF (Español)
Guillermo Campitelli, Fernand Gobet, Amanda Parker 238 - 245
Neuropsychological Disorders Indicative of Postresuscitation Encephalopaty in Rats PDF (Español)
Natalia A. Gorenkova, Irina V. Nazarenko, Aleksandr V. Volkov, Maria Sh. Avruschenko, Gennady B. Lapa, Georgi I. Kovalev, Lidia V. Molchanova 246 - 255
Sampling plans for fitting the psychometric function PDF (Español)
Miguel A. García-pérez, Rocío Alcalá-quintana 256 - 289

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