Plasma rico en factores de crecimiento (PRGF)

Beatriz Gómez Martín, Ricardo Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, Marta Elena Losa Iglesias, Rubén Sánchez Gómez


In most of the cases the objective of the medical research it is not centered solely in prolonging the time of life of the patient, but in improving the quality of he himself. Rich Plasma in Growth Factors is a novel and relatively recent technique applicable to the tissue repair. It consists of a simple system for the platelets proteins obtaining from a blood sample of the patient. In the scope of the podiatry, the application of PRGF allows to improve the evolution of patients with titular regenerative necessities in the foot and lower limb such as: to accelerate the osseous consolidation in the postoperative period, to shorten the time of resolution in diabetic ulcers or to improve the healing among other many. Diverse studies on the application of Factors of Growth have demonstrated excellent results in different medical specialties between which is the podiatry, therefore considers a technique of high effectiveness and clinical interest for their contribution to the scientific community.

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