Vol 34, No 1 (2008)

Palaeobiodiversity and palaeoenvironments in Permian playas

Guest Editor: Georges Gand

Table of Contents

Volume Contents PDF (Español)


Some precisions on the use of the term playa in the geologic literature PDF (Español)
A. Arche 5 - 9
Permian and Quaternary playas, a discussion based on climatic, tectonic and palaeogeographic settings PDF (Español)
J.-p. Deroin 11 - 28
The playa environments of the Lodève Permian basin (Languedoc-France) PDF (Español)
M. Lopez, G. Gand, J. Garric, F. Körner, J. Schneider 29 - 56
Floras from red beds of the Permian Basin of Lodève (Southern France) PDF (Español)
J. Broutin, J. Galtier 57 - 72
Notostraca trackways in Permian playa environments of the Lodève basin (France) PDF (Español)
G. Gand, J. Garric, J. Schneider, H. Walter, J. Lapeyrie, C. Martin, A. Thiery 73 - 108
The insect fauna from the Permian of Lodève (Hérault, France): state of the art and perspectives PDF (Español)
O. Béthoux 109 - 113
The Odonatoptera of the Late Permian Lodève Basin (Insecta) PDF (Español)
G. Gand, A.N. Nel, G. Fleck, R. Garrouste 115 - 122
The Permian-Triassic transition: Historical review of the most important ecological crises with special emphasis on the Iberian Peninsula and Western-Central Europe PDF (Español)
C. Virgili 123 - 158


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