Vol 32, No 2 (2006)

Research and Development for the Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (II)

Guest Editors: M.J. Turrero, T. Missana

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The alkaline reaction of FEBEX bentonite: a contribution to the study of the performance of bentonite/concrete engineered barrier system PDF (Español)
L. Sánchez, J. Cuevas, R. Vigil de la Villa, S. Ramírez, R. Fernández, S. Leguey 151 - 174
Mechanisms of gas transport in clay barriers PDF (Español)
E.E. Alonso, S. Olivella, D. Arnedo 175 - 196
Characterization of water pathways in low permeable rocks at the rock matrix scale: Methodological review PDF (Español)
M. Montoto, F. Mateos 197 - 213
Coupled microbial and geochemical reactive transport models in porous media: Formulation and Application to Synthetic and In Situ Experiments PDF (Español)
J. Samper, G. Zhang 215 - 231
Pore water chemistry of a Paleogene continental mudrock in Spain and a Jurassic marine mudrock in Switzerland: Sampling methods and geochemical interpretation PDF (Español)
M.J. Turrero, A.M. Fernández, J. Peña, M.D. Sánchez, P. Wersin, P. Bossart, M. Sánchez, A. Melón, A. Garralón, A. Yllera, P. Hernán, P. Gómez 233 - 258
Large-scale and long-term coupled thermo-hydro-mechanic experiments with bentonite: the FEBEX mock-up test. PDF (Español)
P.L. Martín, J.M. Barcala, F. Huertas 259 - 282
Factors that control the geochemical evolution of hydrothermal systems of alkaline water in granites in Central Pyrenees (Spain) PDF (Español)
M.J. Turrero, A. Garralón, B. Buil, E. Arranz, B. De la Cruz, M. Lago, P. Gómez 283 - 302


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